We provide the game plan, strategy, and execution proven to grow companies through digital advertising campaigns that produce tangible results for any business, type or size.
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A Granular Approach To Digital Advertising That Maximizes Results

Apex Current is a full-service digital advertising agency for companies looking for expert campaign solutions that target their ideal buyers where they are in real time, optimized to achieve tangible business results.

In addition, we have the ability to enhance this offering by creating CRM marketing automation that provides key infrastructure to nurture prospects and customers. These automated pipelines results in increased life-time value, additional sales, and repeat purchases. 

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Providing Unparalleled Results Through Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Our managed digital advertising services include top platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIN. We target your ideal buyer and leverage our experience to optimize and maximize return on ad spend.

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, we design & build custom CRM pipelines to serve your unique needs. Each build is tailored around your business model to achieve your goals. We then partner with you to provide ongoing development and support.

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Our Proven Success Formula


Identify ideal prospect based on customer data and audience insights to build buyer profile.


Pinpoint common desire of buyer, build campaign, launch beta, and optimize ad performance.


Replicate successes found in beta, scale ads, and increase spend to maximize ad return.


Digital Expertise

Results-Driven Ad Creative formula

We specialize in crafting highly effective digital ad inventory. Whether we’re collaborating with national direct-to-consumer brands like Medjet, driving targeted leads for service-based businesses like the medical practices who partner with us across the U.S., or growing the user base for mobile app companies like the Props App, we drive results at the lowest possible cost.

Ad Conversion Rate Optimization

We build conversion-based campaigns that learn algorithmically and improve as key goals are reached. Each campaign is optimized to achieve tangible results for the businesses we serve. We are second to none in our success cultivating a variety of ad servers and platforms for campaigns that deliver. Stockbrokers trade shares; we trade ad inventory and maximize your ad spend.

Platforms & Integration Capabilities

We bring digital advertising and a multitude of platforms together to build the complex logic necessary for your pipeline. Regardless of a company’s digital marketing needs, CRM platform, or business management system, we integrate every aspect front-to-back. This allows for a seamless user experience, smooth operational processes, massive scale, and ad performance tracking.

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“If you can’t advertise to get customers, you don’t have a business... At least not one you can manage.”
— Dan Kennedy, Author & Marketing Guru