About Apex Current

Apex Current, ranked by DesignRush as one of 2019’s Top Advertising Agencies as well as a 2018 BBJ Small Business of the Year Honoree, is a performance-driven digital ad agency. At Apex Current, we create, implement and optimize scalable digital advertising campaigns that drive tangible results for established companies. From online retail products to local service-based businesses, we have your every digital marketing need covered. These campaign solutions produce increased profits driving tangible results through our conversion-based digital ad expertise including; Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & more. At Apex Current, our process involves collaborating in tandem with our clients to plan, design, develop, and manage custom online campaigns that measurably impact their client's bottom line.

Apex Current is a Certified Infusionsoft Partner that includes an expert team of digital media buyers, designers, CRM specialists and consultants who have been working in the marketing industry since 2005. Since the company’s creation, Apex Current has worked on projects in a wide variety of industries, national direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands, network marketing companies, fitness and nutrition offerings, mobile app products, medical practices, investing firms, universities, B2B industries and more. Our clients run the gamut in product and service offerings as well as specialities, but the end goal remains the same - to drive tangible results that are crucial to their company’s revenue growth. Apex Current was founded by Corbitt Chandler in 2017 and is headquartered in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Approach

At Apex Current, we utilize data and analytics to create highly targeted digital marketing campaigns for your audience and CRM automation to generate qualified leads, sales, new customers and repeat buyers. This is a no bullshit approach to marketing, with real tracking metrics and sustainable, proven ROI.

Our Purpose & Mission

WE EXIST to enhance businesses by connecting them with their audiences.

OUR MISSION is producing expansive growth and to leave a legacy in our business partnerships.

Meet Apex Current’s Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler

Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler, talks about the power of targeted paid digital advertising through Facebook’s ad platform - one of the many ad services we leverage to grow our client’s businesses.


Learn More About Our Founder & CEO

Corbitt Chandler, honored by the BBJ as one of Birmingham’s ‘Top CEO’s’ in 2018, is an elite-level Facebook Campaign Strategist, Google Ads Specialist, Sales Funnel Expert and Infusionsoft & CRM Architect. Corbitt has collaborated with a myriad multi-million dollar companies across the globe creating effective digital advertising campaign strategies and CRM pipelines utilizing performance-driven advertising that grows their bottomline. He is the Founder and CEO of Apex Current as well as its subsidiary produce businesses, CoolStream and WaveFlow.

Corbitt Chandler brings to the table over 15 years of marketing expertise, having the opportunity to travel extensively collaborating with professional athletes like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Before founding Apex Current, Corbitt was the Vice President of Marketing at Iron Tribe Fitness, running brand-wide marketing campaigns for their 40+ fitness centers across the U.S.

Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler

Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler

Corbitt Chandler founded Apex Current to drive tangible results for businesses through paid digital advertising campaigns that include; Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Native Content, Display Ads, Websites, Sales Funnels and custom built CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management). These campaigns are built through the top ad servers offered today like; Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, SnapChat, ClickFunnels, WordPress, Infusionsoft, HubSpot and similar platforms.

At Apex Current, Corbitt’s responsible for creating new business revenue and architecting successful digital campaign strategies for clients. Thus far, he’s lead Apex Current to partner with brands across the United States from San Francisco to New York as well as internationally in countries like; Colombia, U.K., France, etc. 

Corbitt graduated from the University of Alabama in May of 2005 before moving to Los Angeles and spending the next decade working in sports marketing and branding. In 2015, Corbitt was recruited back to his hometown of Birmingham, AL, to become the VP of Marketing at Iron Tribe Fitness.

Corbitt is married to his wife, Michelle Chandler, a California native, who he met while living in L.A. Michelle is a successful entrepreneur herself and Interior Designer by trade running her brand, Harper James Design. Michelle and Corbitt Chandler have two daughters, Phoebe (5) and Nia (3).

Pictured: Corbitt and his wife, Michelle, two daughters, Phoebe and Nia, and loving pit bull, Tank.

Pictured: Corbitt and his wife, Michelle, two daughters, Phoebe and Nia, and loving pit bull, Tank.

Corbitt’s passions stem from a core philosophy based in continual improvement and growth. Always on the move, Corbitt is never satisfied with the status quo or “taking it easy.” He leads an active lifestyle which begins with 4:30am daily workouts and remains highly involved in each client account. He’s drive comes from the need to help others grow whether that’s by connecting brands with their audiences through ads that drive results, building an amazing life for his family, creating opportunities for his team or giving back to causes he supports. Corbitt’s goal is to live each day to its full extent by being a positive catalyst in the lives of those he gets to connect with directly as well as motivating as many people as possible to pursue their dreams and live a life that is truly EPIC.

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