Corbitt Chandler, CEO & Founder

Corbitt Chandler, CEO & Founder


Corbitt Chandler founded Apex Current with the vision of being, "an anti-agency with a backwards hat culture." After nearly 15 years in Corporate America it was time for a change. 

Corbitt began consulting with multiple clients while serving as VP of Marketing for Iron Tribe Fitness, a fitness chain with nearly 40 locations across the Southeastern United States.

Through Corbitt's years of experience, he had worked with multiple agency partners, but it was all the same. Big talks of awareness, but little to no talk of actual trackable results (ROI).

After being trained by Brad Bearden, who runs all of Frank Kern's Facebook marketing, Corbitt began honing his skills through consulting ultimately founding Apex Current.

In 2017, Corbitt worked over 4,000 hours (that's about 2 full-time jobs), building the agency to what it is today. Apex Current is now able to be selective in its client roster only partnering with brands that want to see true exponential growth and take their business to the next level.