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Corbitt chandler - Founder / lead strategist

Corbitt is the Founder of and Lead Strategist for APEX Current. He has nearly 15 years of experience in marketing across a variety of industries. Graduating from the University of Alabama, he moved to Los Angeles working there for over a decade before being recruited back to his hometown of Birmingham, AL becoming the Vice President of Marketing for Iron Tribe Fitness. Though, his experience in marketing is substantial, he credits his time at Iron Tribe as gaining his "Phd" in marketing through trial by fire. He has been mentored by Iron Tribe CEO, Forrest Walden, Rick Anderson the Founder of InfuseFT, and Brad Bearden, who now run's all of Frank Kern's Facebook marketing strategies. Corbitt and his wife, Michelle, live in Birmingham with their two daughters, Phoebe and Nia.

Roy mitros - operations / business development

Roy guides business development and powers operations for APEX Current.  Roy spent his early years in the Marine Corps and Middle East private security sector.  In 2010, Roy started Mitros Performance & Wellness, a consulting company that specializes in affiliate start ups and client acquisition within the fitness industry. Roy graduated from Arizona State University majoring in Small Business and Applied Biosciences and has his Masters of Education from Grand Canyon University.  Outside of crushing it with the APEX team, Roy mentors student-athletes as a ministry leader and sponsor for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

Wes thompson - Technology / business development

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Shahin Khan - Senior developer