Performance-Driven Advertising For Trackable Results

The key factor we use to track our success is your success and your success is increased sales of your product or service.

Apex Current is a performance-driven advertising partner for the the digital age.  Through collaborative efforts with our clients, we lock in on metrics that are at the heart of what drives their business goals. We focus on digital platforms to target your ideal buyer where they already are and through a granular process optimize those efforts to maximize return.

Client Experience

Client Work

We can grow your business or brand and have worked with organizations across a broad spectrum of verticals. Above is just a sampling of some of the businesses we've collaborated with to drive revenue. Our in-house team works extremely hard to overdeliver value to our client partners and ensure ad performance at the highest level.

Paid Ad Platforms

Digital Platforms

We don't use "machine learning" to run your advertisements nor do we operate off of a "set it and forget it" approach. We serve ads placed, optimized and managed daily by real human beings. Like stockbrokers day trading shares, we take this same approach to ad delivery day trading to find the best performing platforms, audiences and creative to get you the highest return.

Integration Expertise


We have the expertise to integrate and/or build integrations with a variety of applications so that your prospects and buyers receive the absolute best experience with your business. This creates a seamless approach to CRM management and audience engagement with your brand. It also shores up your pipeline and plugs any wholes where prospects or buyers can get lost in the mix. The devil is in the details and so are the dollars.

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