Apex Current is Now An Infusionsoft Certified Partner!

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We couldn't be more excited to announce that we are now an Infusionsoft Certified Partner! It's something that's been a long time coming for us at Apex Current.

When Corbitt Chandler founded the business he worked extensively with CRM clients based in Infusionsoft including; Yes You Can, StrongFit, Fieldwork Nutrition, etc.

As our services-offering evolved, Ethan Voce was hired as Director of Systems and Tech to champion the Infusionsoft side of our product development team.

Ethan and Corbitt had a long history of successful campaigns having collaborated for over 2 years on email campaigns while Corbitt was VP of Marketing at Iron Tribe Fitness hiring Ethan as a contractor.

"When we decided to really focus on this vertical as something to offer clients outright," said Chandler. "I knew there was no one better in Birmingham than Ethan to lead this effort."

Now, Ethan focuses on client campaigns that involve CRM needs like a robust custom buildout for Birmingham Orthodontics we are working on as well as leading our product divisions for CoolStream and WaveFlow.

As part of this effort, Ethan took on the challenge of completing Infusionsoft's Certified Partner course which was no easy task. Ethan spent a significant amount of hours on his own time completing the required tutorials and course work.

When Ethan completed the Capstone, which is the final exam to pass the certification process, his instructors were blown away by how well built and thought out his sample campaign was.

  Ethan Voce, Director of Systems & Tech for Apex Current

Ethan Voce, Director of Systems & Tech for Apex Current

"You have team members who are thorough and then you have Ethan," stated Chandler. "He always goes over and above in every scenario thinking through multiple outcomes to get to the best final solution. I could't be prouder of him for this accomplishment."

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Apex Current now has the ability to serve clients more holistically adding significant value to our present CRM solution offering. At the end of the day, that's our main focus over serving and delivering to each one of our amazing clients.

Join us in congratulating Ethan Voce in completing the certification process with flying colors making Apex Current, LLC, an Infusionsoft Certified Partner!

If you or your company are interested in a custom CRM pipeline to nurture clients, create stickiness, staff accountability and repeat sales, contact us at support@apexcurrent.com to learn more.

The Greatest Marketing Flaw

I hear these two little potentially damning words all the time from clients sizes no matter the company's size or specific industry. In corporate America where I spent over a decade, these two words were more than commonplace from the executive staff. 

These words are not just isolated to marketing campaigns. It can really form in any ideation process and the reality is unless you're talking about your flavor of ice cream, style of clothing, etc. they shouldn't be used. Certainly, not as Gospel...

The sentence always starts or ends or has somewhere in between two words that can be damning to any ad campaign and those two words are, “I like.” 

“I like this color on this section of the page.”

“I like the way this (insert whatever here) looks.”

“THIS is what I like.”

I guess from the outset it doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, right? The client should be able to express to you their preferences and to that I would say, "you're absolutely correct!" But, often times when “I like” or whatever that really subjective personal preference is trumps what matters, that's where we get into trouble. 

So, what is it that truly matters over our client's preferences or our own? What is it that truly matters when creating your campaign? It seems like in many situations almost the antithesis of “I like” is “what works.” What works is objective because it’s based on data and historical evidence of key learnings. Specifically, key learnings that are proven, time tested and drive campaign results.

These tactics and methodologies drive results not because, we at Apex or any marketer worth their salt wants it a certain way, but because it’s tested based on the marketplace. Those many rounds of testing lead to refinement that create these key learnings. 

You see we live in a free market economy here in the US (as well as any many other countries today) and that free market votes with their hard-earned dollars. 

As the marketplace makes certain decisions they, in essence, vote by either saying "yes" and taking the action or completing the goal you've set for your campaign (leads, sales, app installs, downloads, etc.) or saying "no" not completing the goal. As they vote up or down we iterate each campaign and it is improved upon to find what works. 

This is not some sort of blanket-type where one refined campaign for product/service-type A will translate over to product/service-type B. Each one is certainly unique as the offer, product/service and/or marketplace changes.

Audience %2F Targeting.png

Dan Kennedy's marketing triangle displays this idea quite perfectly. Changing one of these three factors creates a new iteration process. But, you can take those historical key learnings and refined processes to the table which overtime lead to better decision making processes out the gates.

The emotional attachment to what a client likes based on their arbitrary preferences doesn’t matter at the end of the day and can prove detrimental to any campaign... Especially if those likes or preferences are not allowed to be iterated upon properly. 

As marketers and specifically on the performance-driven side of things where Apex lives, we have the responsibility to steer our clients to whatever has been seen to produce results as quickly as possible.

If not, a few different scenarios will play out:

  1. The client’s campaign performance will suffer...
  2. The client's campaign results will likely not be as positive as they could have been...
  3. At the very worst, the client will be lost and 9 times out of 10 the blame will fall on the agency's shoulders. Even though, at the end of the day, you were just trying to serve them by implementing their preferences. It truly is a lose-lose situation. 

Now, sometimes, though rare, your client’s personal preferences will perform well or the client understands this landscape enough that those preferences come from a place of proven data. 

But, again, even those situations are few and far between. The first situation would be similar to hitting a home run your first at bat. The latter is probably not likely going to be the case given they hired you because whatever they’re doing hasn’t been working.

It is our responsibility to guide our clients sometimes even more firmly than we would like to the best decisions possible even IF they feel strongly one way or another.

Join Us in Welcoming Lars Willemse to the Team!


We are PUMPED to welcome Lars Willemse to the Apex Current team! Originally from the Netherlands, Lars is about as well-rounded as they come. He graduated from UAB with a marketing degree while on a full soccer scholarship and is currently completing his MBA at Samford while playing professional soccer in Birmingham. Not only that, he’s an accomplished digital marketing consultant and Google Ads ninja.

 Corbitt Chandler, Founder & CEO of Apex Current, casts the vision for growth and serving some of the biggest brands in Birmingham and the nation.

Corbitt Chandler, Founder & CEO of Apex Current, casts the vision for growth and serving some of the biggest brands in Birmingham and the nation.

Lars is a stud and we were impressed with him from day one! This tall drink of water just walked right into our offices, said he saw what were doing and just straight up asked to board the Apex crazy train. Completely EPIC boldness and initiative if you ask us and we absolutely LOVE it! Please join us in welcoming Lars to the team! No doubt he’s going to CRUSH it for our clients!

Don't Give Up: Why Sales Persistence Pays Off

(This Article Was Originally Posted on Business News Daily. The original article is linked below)

Outside any ballgame or rock concert, you're sure to find a scalper or two hawking their wares. These folks make a living selling tickets to sold-out shows, and their method of operation is always the same: Hit up everyone that walks by, and if they're not interested, then move on to the next person.

For scalpers, this strategy is perfect. Unfortunately, there are many salespeople who use the same approach when they prospect for new business. When a call does not result in a sale, they banish the prospect, never to call again. Much like the scalper, they move on.

A study from Dartnell Corp. investigated the number of times a prospect was called before a salesperson waved the proverbial white flag. Here is their data:

  • 48 percent quit after the first contact
  • 72 percent stop after the second contact
  • 84 percent give up on a prospect after the third contact
  • 90 percent wave the white flag after the fourth contact

As you can see, almost half of all salespeople quit after the first call. And the vast majority (90 percent) quit relatively soon after.

Why Sales Is the Thing Most Entrepreneurs Get Wrong

So why do 90 percent of salespeople quit so quickly? There are many reasons, and the simplest is that they let business and life get in the way. Some get caught up in busy work because it is easier than having to follow up. Others just lack the discipline to make those follow-up calls.

The fact is that 10 percent of salespeople make the fifth call, and studiesshow that 80 percent of sales are made after that fifth sales call. Which leads to the conclusion that 10 percent of salespeople win 80 percent of the business. Successful salespeople use their persistence and their stick-to-it mentality to win, and win big. In the same way that air gets thinner at higher altitudes, competition wanes after the first few calls. And the key ingredient that differentiates the average salesperson from the truly great ones is persistence: The persistence to make that first call and the discipline to make a half a dozen after that (without annoying the potential client, of course).

It's persistence that increases a client's confidence in a salesperson's ability. It's what makes a salesperson stand out from everyone else. And it's how salespeople stay top of mind when the client is ready to buy.

Successful salespeople don't expect to sell anything on that first call. They know that only a small percentage (1 to 2 percent) of people are looking to buy in a first call. They tend to be the people who are already familiar with what they need, and have already done extensive research. And if you happen to call at the right time, the business is yours.

But this is not the norm. Most buyers are not going to be ready to sign that purchase order when a salesperson calls. Most will not have time to talk, or will lack the resources or the authority to make a decision.

Rather than trying to make that sale, the goal for the first call should be to implement a follow-up strategy, a strategy that allows you to build a relationship and trust by engaging in an ongoing dialogue. Much like a relationship, you can't propose the first time you meet someone. Your goal on the first date is to make it to the second one. And your goal on the second date is to interest your prospect in a third date.

In building a relationship, you'll develop a much better understanding of the client's needs and wants. You'll get to understand their underlying problems, not just the superficial ones that appear obvious. And once the client knows that you understand them, they are yours. They won't go anywhere else anytime soon because the chances that another salesperson will come along that will be as committed is slim.

As a general rule, the more difficult a client is to get, the harder they are to lose, because stealing these kinds of clients requires persistence and discipline. And, remember: 90 percent of all salespeople don't have that.

The key to converting your pipeline into actual sales is the ability to hang in there when others have given up. It means being persistent with phone calls, emails or even a personal visit over several months. Because the longer you hang in there, the greater the chance that your competition has given up. Just remember to make that fifth, sixth and seventh call.

Anything less, and you're better off scalping tickets.

Click Here to View the Original Article.

Apex Signs Medjet and Breakout Games as Client Partners!

We LOVE what we do here at Apex! ❤️❤️❤️... We literally can't press copy and paste enough to show our enthusiasm in heart emoji's for how much we love what we do!

Now, we have the honor to do what we love for two new Apex Current family members Medjet and Breakout Games!! These are going to be two very awesome client partners and we're absolutely stoked to help drive online sales for both through our performance-driven ads.

A little about each client...

Medjet (formerly Medjet Assist) is the premier medical transport membership program for travelers. If you are hospitalized more than 150 miles from home, Medjet will arrange medical transport all the way back to your hospital of choice in your home country.

Breakout Games is an escape room with twist and turns that you and your group must figure out to escape in under an hour. Each room has varying difficulties and themes. Breakout Games has 47 locations nationwide. Currently, Apex will be partnered with locations in Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina.

While these clients are drastically different in their offerings, their goal is the same - to drive online sales utilizing Apex Current's Facebook ads.

"Medjet and Breakout are going to be amazing partners with tons of potential." said Corbitt Chandler, Founder and CEO of Apex Current. "We'll be able to optimize the Facebook algorithm starting with the solid foundation of data both already have to learn, achieve goals and find more buyers." 

Each client will kick things off with a full day deep dive into their business hosted by Chandler. The goal with these deep dives will be for Apex to become an expert in each partner's business model and begin moving quickly to execute ads that find a steady return for their businesses.

"Both Medjet and Breakout are the premier providers in their space and our plans are to help them absolutely dominate their respective industries," said Chandler. "We're incredibly excited to have them as part of the Apex Current family and honored they're trusting us to take their digital advertising to the next level."

Please join us in welcoming Medjet and Breakout Games to the Apex Current family!


Apex Current Selected As Part of Facebook's Marketing Expert Program!

BIG DAY here at Apex Current! We have been selected to take part in Facebook's Marketing Expert Program! This is a MASSIVE WIN for our business and ultimately our amazing clients!

Apex has been aligned with Facebook's support staff through client accounts that qualified in the past, BUT for Apex Current's account to be included as part of this program is a huge honor. It puts Apex on the map as an Advertiser that is moving up the ranks and getting noticed by Facebook, Inc's paid advertising expert team.

What exactly does this mean? We're glad you asked!

As part of the Marketing Expert Program, Apex Current will have a dedicated support rep allocated to their account. This Marketing Expert will be Apex's "inside man" so to say in running successful paid advertising campaigns for any ads within Apex Current's account.

"I literally cried when I got the call." said Corbitt Chandler, Founder and CEO. "I kept getting calls from a Palo Alto area code so I assumed it was them, but I just figured we were in trouble for something! Ultimately, it turns out, we were one of our Facebook Rep's key accounts and he was desperate to get in touch with me."

In addition to a dedicated Facebook Account Rep, Apex will receive weekly strategy sessions to go through goals and improve ad performance. They will also gain access to features that are in beta mode before other advertisers and key detailed analytics that are typically unavailable to most advertisers on the platform.

"This is such a giant coup for us and our clients!" said Chandler. "We'll be able to take what we're doing to a whole new level and get even better results for our client partners. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. We only win if our partner's ads work and this is a surefire path to their success and our continued growth."

Apex Current is pumped to begin improving their already high-performing ads and truly honored to be considered as part of the program. We'd like to thank all of our amazing clients, vendors and supporters for helping us receive this notable achievement.