Apex Current Selected As Part of Facebook's Marketing Expert Program!

BIG DAY here at Apex Current! We have been selected to take part in Facebook's Marketing Expert Program! This is a MASSIVE WIN for our business and ultimately our amazing clients!

Apex has been aligned with Facebook's support staff through client accounts that qualified in the past, BUT for Apex Current's account to be included as part of this program is a huge honor. It puts Apex on the map as an Advertiser that is moving up the ranks and getting noticed by Facebook, Inc's paid advertising expert team.

What exactly does this mean? We're glad you asked!

As part of the Marketing Expert Program, Apex Current will have a dedicated support rep allocated to their account. This Marketing Expert will be Apex's "inside man" so to say in running successful paid advertising campaigns for any ads within Apex Current's account.

"I literally cried when I got the call." said Corbitt Chandler, Founder and CEO. "I kept getting calls from a Palo Alto area code so I assumed it was them, but I just figured we were in trouble for something! Ultimately, it turns out, we were one of our Facebook Rep's key accounts and he was desperate to get in touch with me."

In addition to a dedicated Facebook Account Rep, Apex will receive weekly strategy sessions to go through goals and improve ad performance. They will also gain access to features that are in beta mode before other advertisers and key detailed analytics that are typically unavailable to most advertisers on the platform.

"This is such a giant coup for us and our clients!" said Chandler. "We'll be able to take what we're doing to a whole new level and get even better results for our client partners. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about. We only win if our partner's ads work and this is a surefire path to their success and our continued growth."

Apex Current is pumped to begin improving their already high-performing ads and truly honored to be considered as part of the program. We'd like to thank all of our amazing clients, vendors and supporters for helping us receive this notable achievement.