Apex Current is Now An Infusionsoft Certified Partner!

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We couldn't be more excited to announce that we are now an Infusionsoft Certified Partner! It's something that's been a long time coming for us at Apex Current.

When Corbitt Chandler founded the business he worked extensively with CRM clients based in Infusionsoft including; Yes You Can, StrongFit, Fieldwork Nutrition, etc.

As our services-offering evolved, Ethan Voce was hired as Director of Systems and Tech to champion the Infusionsoft side of our product development team.

Ethan and Corbitt had a long history of successful campaigns having collaborated for over 2 years on email campaigns while Corbitt was VP of Marketing at Iron Tribe Fitness hiring Ethan as a contractor.

"When we decided to really focus on this vertical as something to offer clients outright," said Chandler. "I knew there was no one better in Birmingham than Ethan to lead this effort."

Now, Ethan focuses on client campaigns that involve CRM needs like a robust custom buildout for Birmingham Orthodontics we are working on as well as leading our product divisions for CoolStream and WaveFlow.

As part of this effort, Ethan took on the challenge of completing Infusionsoft's Certified Partner course which was no easy task. Ethan spent a significant amount of hours on his own time completing the required tutorials and course work.

When Ethan completed the Capstone, which is the final exam to pass the certification process, his instructors were blown away by how well built and thought out his sample campaign was.

Ethan Voce, Director of Systems & Tech for Apex Current

Ethan Voce, Director of Systems & Tech for Apex Current

"You have team members who are thorough and then you have Ethan," stated Chandler. "He always goes over and above in every scenario thinking through multiple outcomes to get to the best final solution. I could't be prouder of him for this accomplishment."

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Apex Current now has the ability to serve clients more holistically adding significant value to our present CRM solution offering. At the end of the day, that's our main focus over serving and delivering to each one of our amazing clients.

Join us in congratulating Ethan Voce in completing the certification process with flying colors making Apex Current, LLC, an Infusionsoft Certified Partner!

If you or your company are interested in a custom CRM pipeline to nurture clients, create stickiness, staff accountability and repeat sales, contact us at support@apexcurrent.com to learn more.