Performance-Driven Ad Solution Case Studies

We thrive on one thing - return on ad spend. Learn more about our granular approach that drives tangible business results for our clients through the below case studies.


Medjet Facebook Ads Results Compared to Google Analytics Reporting Over Same Time Period


The Client

Medjet (formerly MedjetAssist) provides members with access to hospital-to-hospital transport when they are injured or fall ill anywhere further than 150 miles from their place of residence needing more than 1 overnight hospital stay. Members receive additional benefits as well with their two main product offerings MedjetAssist and MedjetHorizon which along with transport includes access to crisis response teams around the globe.

The Problem

Medjet has seen varied success through traditional media outlets as well as online campaigns excluding their paid ad efforts on social. Medjet has leveraged their Social Media presence through organic posts, branding & boosting of content. They partnered with us at Apex Current to utilize our expertise in building, optimizing and scaling a trackable results-based paid social media ad system to drive online membership enrollment sales.

The Results

To date, Apex Current has built and scaled over 70 different ad iterations with multiple campaign goals to increase online sales. Working with Medjet's team we’ve optimized the tracking pixels throughout their website as well as checkout process. We manage their Facebook and LinkedIn paid campaigns optimizing ad placements, audience targeting and retargeting. These audiences are served unique ad creative and offerings given how exactly they’ve engaged with Medjet's content and product offerings.

To date, we’ve driven well over 400% ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) which is quite significant given their revenue model. Our work is also driving a new trackable reservoir of prospects to their site everyday that were previously unaware of their Medjet’s offering prior to our ad flight. Medjet's model is distinct as there is minimal overhead when a membership is sold until their services are actually needed by members. As our metrics improve, we will update this case study with those outcomes.

Use the controls below to scroll through an early partnership campaign presentation recap that we created after our initial launch to learn more about some of our initial metrics and how we began building the current system to drive 4:1 ROI for their company.



The client

Yes You Can! is a healthy lifestyle company with a largely Latin customer base, established in 2012 by Alejandro Chaban, the popular international celebrity and New York Times Best Seller, widely recognized as a voice of health and wellness in the Latin community.


A traditional media-focused company, Yes You Can! was spending heavily on mediums like TV (on Univision) as well as billboards and other outlets without trackable results. Yes You Can!'s executive team approached Apex Current to build a digital sales pipeline - from ad creative to a complete backend CRM - for trackable results and continued prospect followup to increase repeat purchases.


Apex Current took on the challenge of migrating Yes You Can!'s entire contact database of over 500,000 contact records to an entirely new CRM system in Infusionsoft. This initial effort saved the company 100s of thousands of dollars each year from their previous underutilized CRM partner. After migrating existing contacts and email campaigns, Apex built an entirely new pipeline system including multiple nurture campaigns, promotional emails, sales automation follow up, email content, and more to increase customer stickiness and drive repeat buyers.

Apex also focused our digital media efforts solely on Facebook's platform driving MASSIVE ROI for the Miami-based Latin supplement company. The combination of Alejandro Chaban's celebrity and Apex Current's granular style of optimizing Facebook's complex algorithm made for out-of-this-world results. Click below to watch a video recapping the online sales results we drove through conversion targeting utilizing Facebook ads.


The client

The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA) is a private, non-profit organization funded by more than 60 Alabama companies that works to attract, retain, and grow jobs in Alabama, while encouraging innovation. To date, they have awarded over 8 million in funding to Alabama-based startups many of which have grown into successful nationally-recognized brands like The Wyndy App.

The Problem

Each year the EDPA hosts "imerge," their largest event celebrating innovation in the state with nationally recognized speakers, expert panelists, live entertainment, and more. They needed a last-minute solution to significantly increase ticket sales for this linchpin event. So, with only 30 days to go before the event date, Apex Current partnered with the EDPA to create a conversion campaign to drive online sales.

The Results

In this 30-day window, Apex Current optimized over 500 varieties of digital media placements to drive ticket sales. The end result was increased ticket sales and positive ROAS (return on ad spend). To learn more about our process, use the controls below to scroll through a detailed case study covering how we were able to drive positive return and the metrics used to track our goals for imerge.


The Client

StrongFit is a global brand, founded by Julien Pineau, that educates fitness coaches, physical therapists, physio therapists and more on proper training techniques. StrongFit leads weekend seminars across the US, Europe, and Asia teaching their Principles of Movement philosophies. They also sell fitness products and lead private inner circle groups for paid memberships.

The Problem

The StrongFit brand took off like a rocket ship through truly organic social media. As of writing, they boast over 30k followers on Instagram, acquired through relevant content delivered to the training community. As they grew, they needed a solution to leverage this growing audience efficiently and convert them into buyers for their weekend seminars. At a cost of $595 per attendee, StrongFit needed powerful ads as well as a CRM to provide constant nurturing to their engaged audience.

The Solution

Apex Current built targeted ads leveraging StrongFit’s followers and created lookalike audiences of those followers to optimize conversion-based ads for their seminars. As StrongFit moved into new markets we built sales funnels connected to Eventbrite and utilized Facebook’s tracking pixel to drive online sales for their weekend seminars. In all, we were able to drive greater than 5:1 ROI purely through online sales for their seminars with a price tag of $595. Below you can watch the original client presentation created prior to the launch of these successful campaigns.


The Client

CoolStream and WaveFlow are owned and operated by Apex Current, LLC, and were built as a frontend to our backend Conversion Attribution Platforms for specific treatments provided by medical practices and wellness clinics.

The Problem

Elective non-invasive treatments have become a multi-billion dollar industry. Providers of these treatments pay significant frontend cost in the purchase of the equipment, supplies, and support staff. Yet, many of the companies providing the equipment, etc. for these treatments do not have effective marketing to drive results for these providers. This system is flawed and these business owners end up eating significant cost with nominal results.

The Results

Through extensive testing, Apex built an extremely effective "soup to nut" pipeline for these specific treatment providers that starts by finding ideal buyers who request in-office consultations. This includes detailed audience targeting, proven ad copy and creative, a high conversion funnel, as well as a complete CRM pipeline. The custom CRM pipeline includes a staff management dashboard and automated emails as well as SMS text features to prospects. This proven system creates accountability and increases show and close rates for practices.

CoolStream and WaveFlow have grown to serve practices and wellness clinics across the country from Los Angeles to New Jersey and everywhere in between. Depending on the specific vertical, these business attract anywhere from 150 to 300 Consultation Requests (a qualified buyer requesting an appointment date and time) to their location per month. They have also created additional opportunities with practice owners that we're beginning to scale into new MaaS offerings. Check out the video below of Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler, walking through the CoolStream platform.


The Client

Iron Tribe Fitness was founded in Birmingham, AL, and has grown to over 40 gym locations nationwide between their corporate and franchise locations. Iron Tribe blends one-on-one coaching with group fitness. Iron Tribe provides 45-minute workouts with two highly-trained coaches and limits classes to 20 participants.

The Problem

Iron Tribe Fitness needed a solution to increase leads and ultimately sales for their growing fitness brand. Typically, the majority of their new clients were referral based causing fluctuations in their monthly sales numbers. The task at hand was to create a marketing machine that reliably filled the "funnel" from month-to-month with new prospects and would drive positive ROI.

The Results

Targeted ads were built utilizing tested imagery and copy that fed a funnel system complimented by sales best practices to drive consistent ROI. Ultimately, during the ToneFit-named campaign over a period of 6 months, $1 million in new memberships were secured throughout Iron Tribe's 8 corporate gyms (6 in Birmingham and 2 in Atlanta) on an ad spend of $250k. Watch the video below to learn more.

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