Are You Ready To Absolutely Crush It With A Rapidly Growing Team?

Let’s be real… Corporate jobs suck and so do typical big agency jobs for that matter. You’re probably miserable where you’re at. That’s okay. It happens. Our Founder and CEO, Corbitt Chandler, worked in Corporate America for years before founding Apex Current. His mission has always been to be as anti-corporate and anti-big agency as possible.

Our differences make us unique. Maybe being different is one of the reasons we were a 2018 Finalist for the BBJ’s Small Business of the Year. That’s also one of the reasons our environment is pretty lax when it comes to what you wear every day. Backward hats, t-shirt and jeans aren’t only welcomed they’re encouraged. Got tattoos? That’s awesome. Show them off. The more the better. We have a skateboard you can ride around in the office too (just try not to kill yourself on it please!).

We’re building a team of talented people who aren’t trying to fit into the mold of what everyone else is doing. We’re looking for trailblazers who are the best at what they do, want to work extremely hard and do what it takes to grow our client’s businesses and in turn grow Apex Current.

We want to skyrocket Apex Current so that we can continue impacting the lives of many including: our team, our team member’s families and the many organizations / causes we regularly give back to.

We’re not going to lie. We work hard around here, maybe harder than you’ve ever worked, but we’re rewarded for that hard work. When we work late, Corbitt orders sushi for the team. Don’t like sushi, don’t apply! (just kidding!!) We’ll order you something else you do like.

Apex Current has grown like a wildfire. Not only were we honored as a Finalist for Small Business of the Year in our first year of business as we referenced earlier, but we’ll also hit 7-figures in our first year of business without any funding or startup dollars. We think that’s pretty good and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon!

Do you want to join our mission to be different by being authentically who you are and absolutely crushing it every single day? If so, keep reading…

Job Title: Digital Marketing SPEcialist

ATTENTION: Apex Current is looking for an amazingly talented digital marketing rockstar to join our team in a full-time capacity! We’re not going to lie, this person needs to be pretty much EPIC at every thing they do. If you’re EPIC and interested, please continue reading and follow the steps to apply below.

At Apex Current we believe in the saying, “how you do anything is how you do everything.” We’re looking for someone who believes in that statement as much as each of us do. In this role we need someone who is a team player that loves to implement, take direction from a driven leader, and collaborate with a high functioning team. 

Being able to problem solve and figuring things out on your own are a critical component to this job function. This person needs to be okay working alone at times, but at the same time, be friendly and hospitable with team members. 

When we tell you the pace is fast, we mean it. Your urgency to get things done under tight, stressful deadlines is vital. You need to thrive in this type of environment and always look for opportunities to go over and above.

Here’s a big piece of the puzzle - please do not apply if you’ve ever been accused of missing details and/or had challenges following systems/processes. This position leans heavy on the side of perfection. So, attention to detail is where you will thrive. If you are not hyper focused on the small things, you will not be successful in this role. 

The Digital Marketing Specialist will play a key role in the success of Apex Current’s client partners by deploying, managing and optimizing paid Facebook campaigns and follow up processes through Infusionsoft. They will work daily to implement systems with extreme attention to detail as they optimize process-oriented ads to achieve predetermined performance goals at the lowest CPA (cost per action). They will work to optimize ad inventory as well as corresponding pipeline by reviewing set KPIs (key performance indicators) daily.

Position Focal Points:

  1. Client Campaign Deployment - Deploying client ad campaigns in a timely manner based on agreed upon project timeline and workflow schedule.

  2. Campaign Optimization and KPIs - Understand and be well versed in client campaign KPI’s and optimization techniques to maximize client ROAS.

  3. Pipeline - Competency in building, testing and deploying client pipelines through Infusionsoft and/or other similar CRM platforms & have technical knowledge of how to build out workflow logic as well as email campaigns.

Focus # 1:  Digital Ad Buying & Placement

  • Update Custom Audiences Daily

  • Check campaign against KPI’s and provide reports daily

  • Follow naming conventions and launch protocols

  • Double and triple check all aspects of ad before launching for correct links, ad copy grammar, etc.

Focus # 2:  Ad Performance Critical Success Factors

  • Understand KPI’s and how to make adjustments to each aspect of campaign to increase ad performance

  • Ability to split creative and copy to find successful inventory

  • Continually refine knowledge and skill set daily. Demonstrate this in action by regularly presenting new ideas and concepts to help Apex Current optimize and provide the best possible ROI for our clients.

Focus # 3:  Pipeline Framework

  • Being a master of the “why” behind campaign framework

  • Pixel best practices and placement

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Set up of Custom Conversions

  • Set up of Custom Events

  • Set up of Custom Audiences

  • Structure and flow of campaigns

  • Integrations when necessary

  • Infusionsoft CRM builds

Focus # 4:  Anything and Everything Else

  • Anything and everything can come up in a startup environment...

    • Be Ready for anything and jump at the opportunity to CRUSH it!

    • No job is “not your job.” Find a way to make things happen. We all win together by pushing in the same direction.

Relevant Work Experience:
Not all listed below are required, but if you have experience in a minimum of one of the platforms we’ve noted or can check multiple items listed below, your experience should translate well to the position we’re searching for! You must show proven past performance and competencies:

  • Digital Ad Platform Experience: Facebook Business Manager (preferred), Google Ads, LinkedIN Ads, SnapChat Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, Pandora, etc.

  • CRM Experience: Infusionsoft (preferred), Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, SalesForce, MyEmma, etc (sorry, guys, MailChimp experience doesn’t count on this one).

  • HTML / Coding Experience: Java, HTML, CSS, Custom API Integrations, etc.

  • CMS Platform Experience: SquareSpace, WordPress, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, etc.

  • Integration Experience: Integromat, Zapier, etc.


  1. No Retreat No Surrender Attitude: A key component to Apex Current’s success is grit. It took grit to get here, it will take grit to continue at our rapid trajectory and it will take the same grit to stay on top. You must show it daily to have the honor of being part of this team.

  2. Having a “Figure It Out” Mentality: We all have certain talents and certain weaknesses. While Apex Current’s goal is for you to shine utilizing your strengths there will absolutely be times where you’re asked to step outside of your comfort zone. This is where we learn and get better. If there’s something you don’t know how to do that’s okay. Just ask a team member for help. We take responsibility for each other. BUT, if no one knows how to do whatever task you’ve been challenged with, it is your duty to figure it out. Not knowing how to do something is not an acceptable excuse around here. Failure while trying is. The only acceptable response is giving it your all - win or lose.

  3. Work Hard, Play Hard: Love who you are. Be who God made you to be. This is a casual work environment, we are welcoming to our fellow team members. We have each other’s backs always. We bring intensity when we need to bring intensity and we celebrate each other’s wins as well as do our part to make this environment a very special place to be.


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