We provide the game plan, strategy, and execution proven to grow companies through digital advertising campaigns that produce tangible results for any business, type or size.
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Digital Advertising That Maximizes Results

Apex Current is a data-driven digital advertising agency that provides end-to-end strategies to produce tangible results for our clients.

We’re all about one thing - driving the outcomes our clients need most to grow their business with trackable return on investment, month-after-month.

We maximize the potential return of your online campaigns, leaving you to focus on what you do best - creating an awesome experience for your customers.

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Our Digital Solutions

Our managed digital advertising services include top platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more. We target your ideal buyer and optimize top performing ads to maximize your return on ad spend.

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, we design & build custom CRM pipelines to serve your unique needs. Each build is tailored around your business needs as we partner to provide ongoing development work and support.

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What We Do - In A Nutshell


Optimized Buyer Acquisition

We specialize in optimizing campaigns for new customer user acquisition through online channels. Utilizing data and analytics as our foundation, we target your ideal prospects, optimizing to achieve your desired goal. As your audience responds and the algorithms within the ad servers we leverage achieve KPI goals, we’re able to make real-time decisions to increase ad performance, maximizing new customers.


Integrated Digital Campaigns

Everything you need to drive the growth of your business is crafted by our in-house experts. We utilize multiple digital platforms to find your ideal buyer(s) at the lowest CPA (Cost Per Action). Our integrated social media marketing strategies are second to none and provide you with the confidence you need to grow your customer base.


Data & Analytics Reporting

We develop custom KPIs (key performance indicators) unique to your business to guide our every move. Using these KPIs along with our analytics reporting, you’ll know exactly where your marketing budget stands and the number of goals (online sales, leads, installs, etc.) that we’re achieving on a consistent basis at target cost. This gives you the ability to track the success of your digital campaigns and make educated decisions on how best to allocate your ad spend to continue to scale the growth of your company.

When You Should Partner With Us

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Launching a new company or product line

Are you about to launch your new company or a new product line and want your launch to have an impact? We are the best of the best when it comes to conversion marketing through digital channels, from soft-launch to successful global launch and can do the same for you. Leveraging data to identify your ideal customer and scaling digital ads for consistent return on your investment.

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Need to grow an existing company or customer base

Struggling to grow your business and customer base through online marketing? We’ll come alongside you and create a strategy that will dominate your growth goals and market segment(s). You’ll receive the benefit of peace of mind knowing you have a campaign that includes marketing analytics, optimized ads and are running a profitable customer acquisition campaign.

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Digital marketing / advertising consulting

If you’re not looking for agency services, but would like consulting on growing your existing business, we can help with that too! We provide a dedicated expert to help guide you through the digital landscape for your company’s vertical. We’ll help you with the ins and outs of creating conversion-based campaigns, writing ad copy that converts, the types of creative to use, how to track goals, and more!


Proven Best Practices

Results-Driven Ad Creative formula

We specialize in crafting highly effective digital ad inventory. Whether we’re collaborating with national direct-to-consumer brands like Medjet, driving targeted leads for service-based businesses like the medical practices who partner with us across the U.S., or growing the user base for mobile app companies like the Props App, we drive results at the lowest possible cost.

Ad Conversion Rate Optimization

We build conversion-based campaigns that learn algorithmically and improve as key goals are reached. Each campaign is optimized to achieve tangible results for the businesses we serve. We are second to none in our success cultivating a variety of ad servers and platforms for campaigns that deliver. Stockbrokers trade shares; we trade ad inventory and maximize your ad spend.

Platforms & Integration Capabilities

We bring digital advertising and a multitude of platforms together to build the complex logic necessary for your pipeline. Regardless of a company’s digital marketing needs, CRM platform, or business management system, we integrate every aspect front-to-back. This allows for a seamless user experience, smooth operational processes, massive scale, and ad performance tracking.

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“If you can’t advertise to get customers, you don’t have a business... At least not one you can manage.”
— Dan Kennedy, Author & Marketing Guru