The APEX Current Process

People love buying, but they hate being sold (this includes in a business's advertisements). At APEX Current, we do a deep dive with our clients utilizing data to find out what their customers truly desire. To go from an experience of selling your products to something your customer's love you have to change the positioning so that they're coming after you. Controlling the positioning is how we create leverage and utilize it for BIG results.

The process may seem simple, but it's rarely practiced and along with analyzing data is at the core of what we do! We start by looking at the below factors to help determine the mass desire and where our client's business fits within the market. This is what Joe Polish calls the "message to market match."

Your Current Marketing climate

We're all about ROI so that's where we start. We like to look at your past data and analyze what you've done and what your current marketing climate looks like. The three biggest questions we need to answer here are:

1) Where are your leads coming from?

2) What is your biggest marketing strength (referrals, etc)?

3) What is your cost per acquisition?

Marketing opportunity

What is your biggest marketing opportunity? It might seem like a general question, but it is incredible important to answer this correctly. 

Most businesses advertise change, but opportunity will always create action over change. This is because to accept change your audience has to first admit that there is something wrong with them. This is a difficult obstacle to overcome. Opportunity, on the other hand, presents them with a decision to have or do something that a limited few can be a part of.

Identify Your USP

USP stands for your Unique Selling Proposition. This will help identify why your product or service is unique to the marketplace.

Why should a potential consumer do business with you instead of someone else? It needs to truly be a differentiator and not easily replicated. This will help your business cut through all the noise and chatter that is created by your competitors. For example, Domino's Pizza did this with their 30 minute delivery guarantee and it helped them become a billion-dollar organization.