Performance-Driven Ad Buying

We are experts at what we do. We strategically buy and place media on the below platforms to get in front of your buyer wherever they are. We are experts at mining data to target your buyer as well as utilizing a granular process to maximize your return.

The following services are how we differentiate ourselves from the pack. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone. We believe in honing in and focusing on our core competencies to create the absolute best results that can be achieved for our clients through the top digital environments that exist today.

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Audience Data mining & INSIGHTS

To be effective you have to know your audience. Most of the world's modern economy is based on a free market system. This means potential customers vote with their hard-earned dollars. We don't dictate to the market what we want instead we listen to the market and give them what they're asking for. Through audience insights, we're able to pull powerful data on your potential or current client-base to find similar buyers so that your messaging and product offering resonates with someone who is ready to take action on your product or service.

GooGle™ Adwords

Google Adwords is leveraged to take advantage of search intent meaning a prospect has specifically searched for your product or service. We take an advanced approach to the platform by creating ubiquity and specifically retarget visitors across multiple platforms once they've searched for your product or service utilizing tracking codes. Long story short, Google Adwords is a powerful platform where we can leverage clicks to strategically retarget your customers who have searched for your type of product or service and the more they see it the more of the chance they will purchase!



This is where we shine! Utilizing the Facebook™ platform, through highly target ads, knowing ninja tricks and ad set "day trading," we utilize the Facebook algorithm to make it work for us and achieve our goals. This is a granular approach to marketing that is managed daily (weekends, holidays, etc) to make the most of your spend and bring in an extremely strong & trackable ROI. We build out KPIs (key performance indicators) from CPC to CPS based off your FEO (front end offer) and spend, refining it each step of the way to ensure your spend is in the black.

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We utilize Outbrain™to target specific buyers through embedded content on third-party news sites. These are native ads that are completely responsive and included as part of the content your particular buyer typically is reading on a daily or weekly basis. This isn't "click bait" this is driving them to hosted content relative to their propensities to further substantiate your brand or business. Through these efforts we are also able to remarket to this prospects and drive them to a buying decision.

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Depending on your buyer, Linkedin™ is a great option to strategically get in front of your buyer. Especially if their propensities are business-related in terms of networking, selling, etc. We are able to utilize the different types of Linkedin ad serving to target your buyer and create strong interest and response. From there we can utilize that engagement to drive to other decision points to produce results for your business efforts.

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Pandora™ is digital radio that we utilize as part of our portfolio to target buyers on a more granular data-driven level than traditional radio. The ad placement is similar to other digital media platforms and we are able to utilize our core competencies to target buyers and push to a phone number or URL to initiate a predetermined action / goal. This is a powerful ad buying option for the right businesses who want to target through radio and drive actionable return where outcomes can be tracked.