What Is Performance-Driven Digital Advertising?

Watch This In-Depth Demo Video Explaining Why What We Do Works By Apex Current Founder & CEO

In this video, Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler, walks through the detailed process of what we do to drive tangible results for businesses. Learn more about performance-driven digital advertising and the granular process we take to drive unparalleled ROI for our clients of any business type or size.

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Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler

About corbitt Chandler…

Corbitt Chandler was recently honored as a CEO of the Year Finalist as well as separately recognized for leading Apex Current to a Small Business of the Year honor, both awards being peer nominated and selected by a panel of judges through the Birmingham Business Journal.

Corbitt’s areas of expertise are founded in him being an elite-level Facebook campaign strategist, Clickfunnels specialist and Infusionsoft CRM technician. He has collaborated with numerous multi-million dollar brands and businesses across the globe building effective digital campaign strategies and pipelines utilizing performance-driven advertising. He is the Founder and CEO of Apex Current as well as its subsidiary companies, CoolStream and WaveFlow.

His life's passions stem from a core philosophy based in continued growth. Whether that growth is by connecting brands with their audiences through ads that drive results, building an amazing life for his family, creating opportunity for his team or giving back to causes he believes in. The attempt each day is to be a positive catalyst in the lives of those he gets to connect with directly and motivate as many as possible to pursue their dreams and to LIVE EPIC.

Learn more about Corbitt at www.corbittchandler.com.


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Apex Current is a performance-driven digital advertising partner that works with companies across the US and abroad to grow their bottomline through tangible results.

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