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Education Resources

If you want to learn more about how to buy and place digital media and create your own winning digital marketing campaigns, check out our resources below. 

Interested in taking your education further? We have two options available for you including our Online Training Course or our 1-Day Onsite Facebook Ad Intensive which teaches you the key fundamentals of digital marketing.


Learn The Foundations Of Paid Facebook Ads From Our FREE Expert Guide

Free Digital Marketing Training Video Library

Navigating Business Manager

Learn how to navigate Facebook's Business Manager interface in this live training video lead by Apex Current Founder and CEO, Corbitt Chandler.


Facebook optimization Overview

In this live training video, learn more about how Facebook's optimization process works and the difference between key terms that can make all the difference in your ad performance.


Facebook algorithm overview

During this live training, you'll learn more about optimal audience sizes and how the algorithm optimizes (learns) for performance-based ads.


Ads Manager Overview

In this video you'll gain an understanding of the layers used within Ads Manager to buy and place your digital media. This includes setting up the Campaign goal, Ad Set targeting and Ad creative.


Tracking Campaign Performance

Performance-based campaigns are all about KPI's. Without these there is no way to judge the success of your campaign or how to improve upon it to reach your ROAS (return on ad spend) goal. In this video, we'll walk you through how to track KPI's for your service or product-based business.


Sales Funnel Best Practices

In this video, Corbitt walks some of our staff through best practices when it comes to building out funnels that are effective at converting your prospects into leads and sales.

(The audio in this one is a little rough so we apologize for that).