We provide the game plan, strategy, and execution proven to grow companies through social media advertising, for any business type or size.

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A Granular Approach To Social Media Advertising That Maximizes Results

Apex Current is a full-service social media ad partner for companies looking for expert solutions targeting their ideal buyers where they are in real time optimized to achieve tangible business results.

In addition, we have the ability to enhance our offerings by increasing user engagement and the organic reach of our ads far beyond targeting alone. We ratchet up this tactic by combining chat messaging tools that drive leads and sales through automated processes.

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Social Media Ad Networks, Platforms & Integrations

Social Media Ad Networks

Our managed social media ad services include leveraging as well as optimizing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapchat to target your ideal buyer. Those ads are then scaled out, leveraging real-time data and campaign performance, to achieve maximum return on ad spend (ROAS).

Platforms & Integrations

As certified CRM specialists, we have the ability to integrate your advertising campaign with virtually any platform that exists today. Each of our business partner’s needs are unique and we take a custom approach to each one. We utilize the best possible tech to tailor these integrations around your business model to drive & track return.

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Driving Results Through Paid Social Media

Gone by are the days of “organic” social media growth. By utilizing the powerful algorithms on platforms like Facebook’s Business Manager, we optimize your ads for performance. This complex formula achieves key goals for your business whether it’s leads, sales, app installs, etc.

Real Time Targeting

Real-Time Targeted Ads

We target your buyer in real time, where they are, when they’re ready to make a buying decision. Your audience is targeted through database insights and this granular approach is optimized around performance, achieving key goals in your business.


Data-Driven Growth

Leveraging data like your current prospects, buyers and/or key demographic info, we set up detailed audiences focused on your ideal customer. With these audiences in place, we utilize varied creative and copy combinations as well as offers to drive prospects to buying decisions. As these key objectives are achieved, we optimize the winning creative to the best-performing audiences, driving repeat goals.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook™ Advertising

As part of Facebook’s Expert Marketing Program, we’ll set up & manage your Facebook marketing campaigns so they target the perfect audience and drive the best results as quickly as possible. We do everything for you from designing your beautiful ads on an ongoing basis to optimizing your campaigns & targeting to generate the highest return on investment. Your dedicated Apex Current account manager is available 24/7 to showcase your ads and provide performance tracking.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram™ Advertising

Many still may not realize that Instagram is now owned by Facebook. As such, we receive all of the same benefits and optimization processes on Instagram as we do on Facebook. While every company’s needs are different, Instagram remains a powerful option when attempting to reach a younger demographic that is not as engaged on Facebook. Through Newsfeed and Story ad placements, we’re able to optimize Instagram ads utilizing key performance indicators to maximize ad performance. While Instagram alone can prove a viable option, when combined with Facebook ads, it provides a powerful 1-2 punch when it comes to driving results!

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn™ Advertising

Typically reserved for our B2B partners, but depending on your marketplace, LinkedIn™ can be a powerful resource to strategically place digital ads. Especially if your audiences’ propensities are business-related in terms of networking, selling, etc. We are able to utilize the various types of LinkedIn ad serving that are available to target your ideal audience and create strong interest as well as key goal-driven responses. From that point, we can utilize any engagement to drive remarketing with further ads on LinkedIn’s platform as well as Facebook, Google, etc.

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Youtube™ Advertising

While many debate whether or not Youtube, owned by Google, is actually ‘social media’, it remains that ads placed on Youtube provide valuable results to businesses. Youtube is currently winning the war against its social media counterparts like Facebook for daily active users. With a strong algorithm that learns, YouTube provides specific content to end users tailored to their interests. While Facebook is working to optimize video content and ads to catch up, Youtube subscribers consume content regularly along with general consumers wanting to learn about products or services.

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Social Media - The Rest of the Pack

Every business need varies as does the specific social media platform their customers are using regularly. Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest all provide solid ad placement serving, intended to achieve desired business goals. We work with each client to develop unique campaigns tailored to their brand to provide the absolute best results possible. Wherever their ideal buyer is, that’s where we go and we are well versed in each of these platforms to drive the desired results our clients are seeking.