We provide the strategy, oversight, and execution proven to grow businesses in verticals typically banned or stringently regulated on social media channels.


Social Media Marketing That Maximizes Growth

Apex Current is a performance-driven social media marketing agency that utilizes data and analytics to provide paid advertising solutions optimized to achieve tangible results for product lines, brands and verticals typically banned by platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat & LinkedIn™.

We drive the actions you need most through social media ad campaigns that produce a consistent monthly return on your ad spend.

By maximizing the value of your social media campaigns, we allow you to focus on what you do best - creating an awesome experience for your customers. Ready to chat? Click Here!


Our Social Media Marketing Specialties For Banned Or Heavily Regulated Products


Optimized Buyer Acquisition

We specialize in maximizing social media campaigns for verticals and product types that prove challenging due to stringent regulations banning or limiting the ability to acquire new customers. Our expertise extends to a variety of channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat and more. Utilizing data & analytics, we target your ideal audience, optimizing ads to achieve your desired goal. As your audience responds, we make real-time decisions to increase ad performance, delivering consistent ROI.


Integrated Social Media Marketing

Everything you need to drive the growth of your business - no matter the vertical or product type - through an integrated social media strategy that is crafted by our in-house experts. We leverage the platform(s) where your ideal buyer spends to maximize return at the lowest CPA (Cost Per Action). Our proven digital strategies for these verticals are second to none and provide you with the confidence you need to grow your customer base through ads that, very simply, work.


Data & Analytics Reporting

We develop target KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) unique to your goals to guide our every move. Using these KPI’s, along with our analytics & reporting, you’ll know exactly where your marketing budget stands and the number of actions that are achieved on a consistent basis at target cost. This gives you the ability to track the success of your social media marketing campaigns to the penny and make educated decisions on how best to allocate your advertising spend.

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When You Should Hire Us


Launching a new company or product

Are you a funded startup that’s about to launch a new company or product line and nervous about how best to get your ads through the rigorous approval process for paid social media? We are the best of the best when it comes to the most challenging verticals out there along with conversion marketing tactics to get your company off the ground quickly, from soft-launch to successful global launch, our successful track record is proven and we can do the same for you.


Need to grow an existing company or product line

Struggling to grow your business and/or customer base through social media marketing because of stringent regulations? We’ll come alongside you and craft a strategy that will dominate your growth goals and market segment(s). Your competitors will be dumbfounded that you’re able to run ads and you’ll receive the benefit of peace of mind knowing you have a digital advertising strategy that includes social media ads optimized for performance.


Social media marketing consulting

Not looking for full agency services, but would like a social media marketing consultant to advise you on how to grow your existing business in conjunction with ads you’re struggling to get approved? We provide an experienced social media expert that will guide you through ads on any platform available today that achieves your goals. You’ll learn how to; create conversion campaigns, write copy that converts, what type of creative to use, goal tracking, and more!


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Watch This In-Depth Demo Video Explaining Why What We Do Works

By Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler

In this video, Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler, walks you through the detailed process of what we do to drive tangible results for businesses and brands. Learn more about how we grow companies through performance-based social media marketing services and can do so even for verticals and product lines not typically allowed. You’ll learn why our performance-driven principles are so unique to the advertising agency landscape as well as the granular process we take building campaigns that drives measurable ROI for companies across the US and abroad - big and small.

“Apex Current is a unique agency that not only took the time to learn the ins and outs of my business, but knew exactly how to get my GAINSWave™ ads live and driving return quickly. Before them, we had tried everything! Neither my in-house team or any agency I had worked with had been able to do so, before meeting them!”

Dr. P. Savage, Founder & CEO, Agenixs


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