We utilize data and analytics to create highly targeted digital marketing campaigns to your audience and CRM automation to generate qualified leads, sales, new customers and repeat buyers. This is a no bullshit approach to marketing, with real tracking metrics and sustainable, proven ROI.


WE EXIST to enhance businesses by connecting them with audiences who care about what they have to offer.

OUR MISSION is expansive growth and to leave a legacy in our business partnerships.

Why Facebook Paid Advertising?

Check out Apex Current CEO, Corbitt Chandler, talk about the power of targeted paid advertising on Facebook - one of the many platforms we use to maximize our client partner's return.


Watch Apex Current CEO, Corbitt Chandler, Share His Digital Marketing Journey

In this video, Corbitt talks about going from a VP of Marketing role with a team, agency partners and vendors to learning how to "push the buttons" ultimately evolving into an elite-level Facebook Marketer & CRM Specialist.

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“If you can’t advertise to get customers, you don’t have a business... At least not one you can manage.”
— Dan Kennedy, Author & Marketing Guru