Meet The Team


Corbitt chandler

founder & CEO

Corbitt Chandler is the Founder and CEO of Apex Current, a performance-driven digital advertising agency based in Birmingham, AL. Apex Current partners with brands all across the globe from Europe to South America and coast to coast within the United States to drive trackable revenue through their online advertising.

Corbitt grew up in Hoover, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. Always competitive, Corbitt played multiple sports lettering all four years in High School in the sport of wrestling and three years in football.  In 2001, he attended the University of North Alabama where he played football for two years and then finished his degree at the University of Alabama with a BS in Marketing in 2005.

Upon graduating college, Corbitt moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he gained a decade of experiencee in advertising and sports marketing. During this time, he traveled extensively visiting every major city within the United States and traveled to multiple countries working with some of the biggest names in global sports like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Once Corbitt met his wife, Michelle, and their first daughter, Phoebe, was born, it was time for a change. Home was calling, as they say... and Corbitt accepted a position as Vice President of Marketing for Iron Tribe Fitness based in his hometown of Birmingham, AL.

He began at Iron Tribe Fitness in February of 2016 and it wasn't long before his new family moved to Birmingham, introducing his California-born wife and daughter to the South. As VP of Marketing for Iron Tribe Fitness over the next two years he would direct marketing initiatives for the 8 corporate gyms based in Birmingham and Atlanta as well as the 34 franchise locations across the southeast US.

During this time things would take a turn for the worst. In 2016, Corbitt was admitted to the ICU at Brookwood Hospital for Viral Meningitis. With a 104 degree fever, he battled for his life during the first few days until they stabilized his body temperature to a normal range. Corbitt returned home after a week, having lost the ability to walk on his own, had vision impairment, extreme fatigue and everyday tasks like tying his shoes were near impossible. All of this ultimately lead to severe depression.

While Corbitt thought this was his biggest battle, he didn't realize what was right around the corner. A more sizable demon came in the form of one he had been living with since his teens - alcoholism. He was on the verge of losing his family, severe financial debt and was at the end of his rope. But, he started to fight back.

Once sober, Corbitt began living everyday like it was his last, challenging himself to do anything that would get him outside of his comfort zone. He discovered his true passion: to leave behind a resounding legacy by creating an amazing life for his wife and two daughters and giving back to those less fortunate. That "why" or purpose began driving him everyday (and still does).

He began studying and educating himself on digital marketing at an extremely granular level being trained directly by Frank Kern's Marketing Director, Brad Bearden and Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Rick Anderson. He also completely immersed himself into the digital marketing landscape, barely coming up for air. He began consulting while working full time as VP of Marketing at Iron Tribe Fitness in April of 2017.

As his consulting business grew, it was time to say goodbye to Iron Tribe and in September of 2017, he founded Apex Current. Apex Current has quickly grown to an agency with clients internationally in industries such as fitness, orthodontics, dermatology, nutrition, higher education, financial investing, independent news, events/seminars, luxury travel and more.

Unlike most, Corbitt is a true Entrepreneur having built his business without any sort of trust fund or outside investment working over 4,000 hours in 2017 to create what exists today.

Corbitt's mission is to inspire others to pursue their dreams with reckless abandon. His story is proof that anything is truly possible if you're willing to commit to something greater than yourself and put in the work. As Corbitt would say, "Anyone can crush it! All they have to do is make their mind up."


Ethan Voce

director of technology

Ethan Voce comes to Apex Current with extensive experience in the CRM / MarTech space and is highly proficient in Agile, Lean Startup, Business Strategy, Data Analysis, Membership Segmentation, Computer Information Systems, Web Design, Cloud Computing, and is a Social Media Specialist. Apple iOS and OSX. Platform and automated marketing systems expert.

Ethan will lead the charge as Apex's Director of Technology on all CRM / pipeline products, web design and Apex's proprietary platform.


Wes thompson

web design consultant

Wes is a husband and father who decided to start his own business at the age of 20. Wes found a couple of amazing partners around the age of 25 and they've been working with their heads down ever since. 

He loves technology and software and the life/work enhancing qualities they bring. Wes currently acts as a product manager consultant with a team of developers from Birmingham, Alabama to Nikolaev, Ukraine to Iași, Romania. 

Wes loves what he gets to do and the people he works with every day.




Birmingham born and raised Diva Reese is a true Southern spit-fire. In the words of her mother, she has been drawing "since she could pick up a pencil." She has a few artistic accomplishments under her belt in her short years such as; a extremely successful commission based business since the age of 14, features in several local publications, as well as even curating portraits for a couple of celebrities.

After graduating from Gardendale  High School in 2012 with a 4.2 G.P.A., she had her choice of art schools including NYU, CalArts, and SCAD. She instead took a gap year to gain real life experiences  and fell in love with the service industry. She quickly worked her way up the chain and became the youngest operating partner for successful Restauranteur John Cassimus. Driven by her love for new challenges, creative spirit, ad her keen attention to detail; she is ecstatic to take on her roll at Apex Current as Client Success Manager. 

Virtual Staff

Virtual Team

At Apex Current, we have dedicated virtual staff members as well as partners and vendors who support us from all across the globe. We have sourced some of the best of the best when it comes to talent to support our client's needs.