About Apex Current

Apex Current is a performance-driven digital ad agency that focuses on building scalable digital advertising campaign strategies and custom CRM pipelines for established companies. From online retail products to local service-based businesses, we have you covered. These solutions trigger increased profits driving tangible results through conversion-based digital ad expertise and automation. Apex Current collaborates with clients to plan, design, develop, and support custom campaigns that measurably impact their client's bottom line.

Apex Current, LLC, is a Certified Infusionsoft Partner and includes an expert team of developers, designers, and consultants who have been working in the digital pipeline industry for nearly a decade. Since the company’s creation, Apex Current has worked on projects in a wide variety of industries, including nutritional supplements, MLM’s, fitness and education. Clients range from secondary market investment options, medical practices, app development companies, retail products as well as large international e-commerce businesses. Apex Current was founded by Corbitt Chandler in 2017, is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and was a Finalist for the Birmingham Business Journal’s 2018 Small Business of the Year.

Our Approach

 We utilize data and analytics to create highly targeted digital marketing campaigns for your audience and CRM automation to generate qualified leads, sales, new customers and repeat buyers. This is a no bullshit approach to marketing, with real tracking metrics and sustainable, proven ROI.

Our Purpose & Mission

WE EXIST to enhance businesses by connecting them with audiences who care about what they have to offer.

OUR MISSION is expansive growth and to leave a legacy in our business partnerships.

Why Digital Advertising?

Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler, talks about the power of targeted paid advertising on Facebook - one of the many platforms we use to maximize our client partner's return.

Corbitt is a 2018 CEO of the Year Finalist, Small Business of the Year Finalist, Facebook Paid Advertising Expert, Infusionsoft Specialist, contributor for Funnel Magazine, podcast guest and more.

Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler

Apex Current Founder & CEO, Corbitt Chandler

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